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Home Security Signs and Stickers

Keep in mind that home security signs and stickers are not anywhere near as effective as an actual monitored system. However, if you don't decide to buy security products or sign up for home security monitoring, placing signs and stickers on your property can be a deterrent to would-be burglars. Of course, if you do actually buy a home protection system then the signs and stickers will probably come as part of the package from the security company that you order from.

Signs and stickers are placed in and around the home for a couple of reasons. For instance, if an electrician or telephone service worker comes to your house in order to fix a problem, they should be aware that there is a home security system installed on your property. The home security signs and stickers let the service personnel know that they need to be careful and that they need to consider your existing wiring when they make alterations. The most obvious use for home security signs and stickers is to help discourage the would-be intruder.

Sign and Sticker Placement

Stickers are normally affixed to windows and home security signs are usually installed in the front yard. You might have the urge to get creative with your placements but it is a good idea to just place these signs and stickers in the usual places. Keep in mind that home security companies have been placing these signs and stickers for many years so they have already done the research for you and have come up with the best placements. Also, a burglar knows where the signs and stickers are located so those are the first places that he will look. You do want him to see those signs and stickers!

Sometimes people are reluctant to place the stickers in their windows simply because they are an eyesore. However, it is important that you place the security system stickers in the window because windows generally present a major vulnerability to the security of the home. Signs should be placed in the yard so that they can be seen when driving by your house. Burglars will drive by and canvass neighborhoods in order to find easy targets. If they see a security sign in your front yard then they will most likely just move on to the next house or the next neighborhood.

Beware of Dog!

Even if you don't happen to have any pets, having a "Beware of Dog" sign can be a great deterrent Thank about it. If you were a burglar and you saw one of these signs, wouldn't you think twice about robbing the place?

Also, actually owning a dog can be a good idea. Warning signs are one thing but actually hearing the dog bark is another. If a would-be burglar sees the signs and then hears the dog barking, he might think twice about messing around with your property. It would be much easier and probably more safe for him to just move on to the next target.


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